Monday, 24 September 2012

Seven very concerning ethical dilemmas.

1. If you're baking for a cake stall, can you use packet mixes?  I thought I was in the clear with this one, as discussed here, until I had a very strong opposite reaction from my beautician who says no packet mix has ever crossed her threshold. I also haven't asked my bestie because I know what she'd say.  Now feel like a lazy slack arse.

2. If you're just giving back one sock a child has left at your house, are you obliged to wash it?

3. If you have been given a hand me down frock which is a designer gorgeous label, but your child insists on wearing the damn thing every time she can, should I just go with it and risk her being seen at the park in this outrageously fancy ensemble in the interests of at least getting some wear out of it?

4. Sometimes very kind people offer to have my kids, to play, even sometimes for sleepovers.  I used to be vigilant about reciprocating but with three of them on the go now, I've lost count.  These days I'm really never sure if I reciprocate enough.  I try to.  But I have a strong feeling the scales are tipped too much in my favour.  Where do I start trying to fix this?

5. If a child behaves heinously at your house while on a playdate, do you
a. Tell the child off but don't tell the parent
b. Tell the child off and tell the parent
c.  Neither tell the child off or tell the parent, to the disgust of your own children who would have strips torn off them for the same behaviour and think it's monstrous unfair.

6. If you have paid for an activity for someone else's kid, because you are the one dropping them at the activity, at the end of the day when your kid is dropped home, do you ask them for the money or just hope they work out they owe it to you so you can avoid an embarrassing conversation.

7. If your doorbell rings and someone is standing at the door with their child, ready for school and you've completely forgotten you promised to take them there, do you just smile, say nothing and act casual?  This is a no brainer for me, I am an expert at smiling, saying nothing and acting casual, unless it's particularly early in the morning when I waver a bit.  And I have never forgotten a playdate (yet), although I have forgotten a car pool as described here.