Thursday, 18 October 2012

Five things that surprised me before 9:30 this morning

1.  Josh can burp the alphabet up to G.  He was missing out F but that's just a detail.  I am equally disgusted and impressed.  He fully intends to work his way up to Z.  His sisters are very supportive.

2.  Issy in a school uniform with her hair in a ponytail eerily resembles her sister 4 years ago.  I have the photos to prove it.

3.  It is possible to ask someone 10 times to put their lunch in their bag and for them still not to do it.  I am certain mine is not the only household in which this occurs.

4. When your child goes to school orientation with friends she's known since she was three (or younger), she will leave your side and vanish up the steps to the classroom before you can even begin to become emotional.  This is a good thing.  Note to self: It's not about me.  Repeat many times between now and next February.

5. After your child does this, you can feel no guilt in not going along to the talk about "School Readiness" in the hall.  Considering the amount of guilt I feel in almost all areas of my life, this was the most surprising of all.  She is ready.  Oh my, she is ready.