Sunday, 28 October 2012

Outline of a weekend.

The kids have eaten sausages for dinner every night since last Tuesday.

I've drunk far too much champagne too many nights in a row.

I've eaten way more than my share of cheese, biscuits, chips and desserts and done virtually no exercise.

We have all had fun with some great friends.  


Cried.  Mostly with laughter.  Not always.  

And the kitchen is clean.  Sort of. 

Happiness is a purple leotard and frilly socks. 
We watched our gorgeous baby dance in her concert.  With a cracker of a black eye.  With her equally gorgeous friends.

And the weekend is over, so fast.  No time to catch a breath before another week begins.  

Good night.  

Ps.  Tomorrow is vegetable Monday like it's never been before.