Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Mother's Day prediction.

What do these items have in common?

A tea light holder in the shape of the Eiffel Tower (with tea lights included).

A box of Cadbury Roses and a Who Weekly

A CD of Spanish love songs.  Or love songs in Spanish.

A scented candle from Glasshouse

A teddy bear wearing a t-shirt that says "Worlds Best Mum".

A small tube of hand cream wrapped in glad wrap.

A Country Living Magazine and a KitKat.

A heart woven out of sticks hanging from a string.

A mug that says "I Love You Mum".

A pair of black and white pyjamas (size 12).

These, my friends are some of the offerings at the Mother's Day stall at our school.  I have seen them.  And as I write this, lots of little children are being brought to the stall, to pick for their Mum, the perfect gift.

And even though some of those items I have listed, are not MY perfect gift, they are very likely to be someone else's.

And I am Saying Nothing and Acting Casual (mostly).  I think that's the best approach here.  Because on Sunday morning all the Mum's who receive these gifts will be plastering big smiles on their faces and hugging their gorgeous kids, who will be closely watching in the detective fashion that kids have, to see whether their gift is indeed, the perfect one.

So some Mums who don't have baths, will get bath bombs/salts/bubbles.

And some Mums who dislike proximity to chocolate (for reasons of self control or actual dislike) will receive an enormous box of the stuff.

And some who never want to hear another Spanish love song, will have to play the CD, and smile.

Doesn't matter.

They will light that scented candle or tea light holder.  They will sit in the sun and and eat chocolate and read that Who magazine.  Even if every bone in their body hates sitting and reading and eating chocolate.  Oh please please let that be me...

They will hug and smile and eat burnt toast.  They will prop and reprop up cards made of printer paper that keep falling over every time someone walks past.   And they will smile some more.

Because being a Mum rocks.  And is totes amazeballs.

This is what makes Mother's Day rock. 
PS.  The most massive props to the organisers of Mother's Day stalls everywhere and their groups of helpers.  The ones at our school are particularly fabulous, but perhaps I'm biased.  You too are totes amazeballs.

PPS.  I promise never to use the phrase totes amazeballs ever again.  But it's been fun.