Monday, 24 June 2013

A (Trivia) Night To Remember.

The Winners!!!!!!

Last Friday night I attended a school fundraiser.  A Trivia Night.  An 80's themed Trivia Night.

Oh my goodness.

It was well attended.  At a school where fundraising events usually either sink spectacularly or are a roaring success, this fell firmly in the roaring success category.

Sold out it was.  Thirty tables of ten.  300 people who all fancied dressing up.

And boy did they fancy it.

There was a table of flouro dressed big hair wearing show ponies.

There was a table with a giant mobile phone (old style) and a guy dressed as Devo, complete with overall and flower pot head.  He made it himself.  (He won my personal best costume).

There were two rubiks cubes.

There was a table of very brave teachers in splashes of flouro.  Who I hope didn't spend all night being approached by parents wanting to talk about their kids.  At one point I photobombed a photo being taken of Sarah's teacher and another parent.  I really hope Sarah's report is already signed off.

There was a table of famous political leaders which was certainly original.  You know, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, the two Pope John Pauls.

There was a table of Michael Jacksons, with a few Thriller ghouls for added interest.

A happy ghoul, with a stolen phone.  
There was a table of Batmen and Catwomen (I think that's what they were).   Lots of tight black shiny material.

And an impressive table of Simply Irresistible backing guitar chicks.  You know, black frocks, red belts, red lippy.  Noice.

There weren't nearly as many Madonna's as I expected.

And our table, well, we were icons of the 80s, representing one of the (arguably) best movies of the decade.  We were Ghostbusters. We created our costumes by doing amazing things with $9 overalls from Bunnings, cardboard boxes and black gaffer tape.

Backpacks. Cardboard box, pool vacuum hose and oodles of gaffer tape. 
Really amazing things.

And it was worth it.  Because WE WON BEST COSTUME!!!

Much to the disgust of the table of Stormtroopers who thought they were better dressed.  But hey, they just threw money at the problem.  We threw gaffer tape.

Speaking of throwing, I threw myself enthusiastically into the making of mine and Mike's costumes, but I had nothing to do with the concept.  That was down to the genius of my tablemates S and S.  They spent much of last Monday morning in Bunnings and when they emerged, blinking into the daylight, they had their ideas firmly in place.  The rest of us lucky ducks just had to follow instructions.

Watch out ghosts, I am very scary. 
Because it was held in the school hall, we were able to BYO alcohol and nibbles, which allowed us to wet our whistles and line our stomachs, before tasty catered food was brought in and delicious chocolate brownies to finish.

The organisers, as always, did a top notch job and the night went off beautifully.  A comedian was hired as MC and he kept things ticking along and us laughing.  We had to pay to use mobile phones and we also had to dob in other tables who were caught out doing this without paying.

There was a lot of unauthorised phone usage.

There was a lot of dobbing.

And despite much of the above we didn't win, being trivially outclassed by a bunch of flouro wearing upstart Kindy parents.   I don't think we even made the top three.  Yes I am a sore loser.

Excessive amounts of champagne were consumed, and at half past midnight I thought it was a great idea to 'kick on' to a friends house for a couple of quiet cleansers.  The minute I got there I realised what a stupid idea this was and where I really needed to be was my bed.  Luckily I was 200m from my house at the time.  My sensible husband was already there, having consumed sensible amounts of beer.

My good friend the Michael Jackson ghoul walked me up the street, leading to confusion from both of us as to how we were to walk each other home and still get home ourselves.  We compromised by going halfway together and then walking to our own homes, shouting 'ARE YOU OK?' to each other until we reached our front doors.

My most humble apologies to all the neighbours for this.

And go the Ghostbusters!!!