Tuesday, 11 June 2013

When living through a reno, perspective is everything.

I think it's important to have some perspective when you're living in a renovation.  For example, sure we have to live here in the noise and the dust but at least we're not dropping $35k on rent.

And we have enough space to store all our furniture and other stuff in the garage and downstairs rooms.  Except the dust has infiltrated everything so it's not as pristine as it would be if it was in storage.  I'm currently pretending this hasn't happened because I have no idea how I'm going to de-dust everything when we move back upstairs.

So here are a few notable benefits of our little upstairs flat.  And I've added for contrast, the downsides, which, if I were a more pessimistic person, I would be troubled by.  Luckily I am an optimist and a bit stupid so I'm completely happy.


1. It's all carpet so dirt and dust is absorbed almost seamlessly into the pile.  Except Josh's vomit stain and where he spilled the curry.

2.  It's warm.  All the time.  Mostly it's because I've forgotten to turn off the heater.

3.  There's not so much space to keep clean.  So my pitiful efforts to do so are more effective due to the smaller space I'm operating in.

Crowded.  Yet homely? 
4.  You know where everything is.  I've noticed it's easier to find lost items because of the limited places they can be.  The night before anyone's library day is much less stressful.  It's almost impossible to lose the books, although Sarah gives it a good nudge.

5.  The kids still have a break out room where they can watch TV, play games and Wii.

6.  I am here when the builders are here so they can ask me questions, refer to me for details and tell me about how they cooked a turducken on the weekend.  Triple J is on in the far background which takes me back pleasantly to my youth.

7.  People ask us round for meals so we don't have to dine a la tiny house all the time.

8.  No one can sneak off and play on their ipod because there is nowhere to sneak to.

9.  The culling and throwing out process we undertook in order to fit everything upstairs was amazing and cathartic.

10.  The view is great.  Even if the balustrades are still ugly.

There's even a birdbath.  Birds really bathe in it. 

1. It's all carpet so goodness knows what's festering in there that we don't know about (are in denial about).  Plus I have to vacuum all the time.

2. We are possibly all suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning due to the heater being on frequently in a confined space.

3.  Having the cleaners is a bit silly when there's not that much space to clean so I have now dismissed them until stage one of building is finished.  This makes me very sad.  Because I am very lazy and hate cleaning.

4.  Our limited storage space means our bedroom which was once an oasis of bedroomness is also a bike storage shed, the piano room and the drying room.

The room that multitasks.
5.  The kid's break out room is also my study.  We do not cohabit well.

6.  I am here while the builders are here, listening (at the moment) to something being ground to pieces or drilled, or something.   Very loudly.

7.  I cannot reciprocate the dinner invitations as quickly as I would like.  Watch out for one helluva diner party in the New Year.

8.  I have to keep telling people off for unauthorised device playing because I keep catching them.  Confiscation is imminent.

9.  The euphoria of throwing out is wearing off, and after two birthdays, crap is creeping back into the house.  Three Build-A-Bears are just the beginning.

10.  There is no downside to a great view.

See, even my downsides aren't really downsides are they?  I'm really scraping the barrel for things to complain about.

I should quit while I'm ahead.