Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Thanks winter sport.

They're a bit squinty.  I had them facing the sun.  Rookie error.  

Thanks for forcing us to develop our logistical brains every week so we could get three children to three different sports in three different places at three different times.

Thanks for causing a few nasty moments when we forgot the time/place/court we were supposed to be on.

Thanks for giving us good friends who would fill in the gaps when we discovered the physical impossibility of being in two or three places at once.

Thanks to the kids for being reasonably understanding when told we couldn't always watch every game every week.

Thanks for sometimes (twice I think) making the three games and locations fall so we could get to each game and watch everyone play.

Netball player of the week.  Sometime in the season.
Thanks for making me rethink that extra glass of wine on Friday nights, allowing me to wake up fresh and perky in order to undertake the logistical gymnastics required by the above.

Thanks for getting us out into the sunshine so we could watch our kids run around with their mates having a ball.

Thanks for helping us develop a family tradition of sausage sizzle followed by Ck's Bites hot chocolate.
Josh had his turn about halfway through the season.  Note horrible mouthguard. 
Thanks for sometimes being cancelled and giving us a lie in.

Thanks for making all three children at some point, have to watch their sibling play/win/lose/score, allowing them to discover that life's not all about them.

The soccer playing pocket rocket. 
Thanks for creating some of the most incredibly horrible traffic situations I've seen in all my years of driving.

Thanks for letting my chick play in a grade that suits her abilities, and for her to find a most excellent team and fabulous coach, so excellent and fabulous that they've reached the grand final!

Thanks to all the coaches, all the managers, all the orange bringers and uniform washers across all sports, even the ones my kids don't play.

Thanks to the little girls (and one boy) who taught us that soccer games can sometimes be interrupted  with hand holding, skipping and hugging your teammates without any dire consequences.

And on that note, thanks for finally finishing and leaving us on Saturday with only ONE game (Sarah's final) at 9am!

And then, we have 6 weeks until cricket starts.  SIX WEEKS OFF!  And then it's just cricket, no other sports to get to!  Excitement.

Winter sport has given a lot to this family and I really am thankful for it.  But goodness I'm glad it's over.